How to Contribute Code & Docs

Contribute via GitHub

The Usergrid project uses GitHub as our code review system. If you want to contribute to Usergrid, then you should fork the apache/usergrid repo and submit PRs back to the project. Here are step-by-step guides for both both external contributors and committers:

Building Usergrid

Usergrid is made up of multiple components that are built separately:

  • Stack: The Usergrid Stack is a Java web application, built using Maven.
    • Build instructions are in the README.
  • Portal: The Usergrid Portal is an Angular.js application and builds with Grunt.
    • Build instructions are in the README.
  • SDKs: See the README files in the /sdks sub-directories for SDK build instructions.

Building the Website and Documentation

Usergrid documentation source is located in the /docs directory of our Git repo, written in Markdown format and managed by the Sphinx documentation system. For more information:

The Usergrid website source is managed in the /website directory. We use the Nanoc static-site generator to generate website content from source. For more information: