Retrieving assets

Retrieving asset data

To retrieve the asset from an entity, send a GET request with the Accept header set to the content type of the asset. The content type can be retrieved from the file-metadata.content-type property of the entity the asset is attached to.

Request syntax

curl -X GET -H 'Accept: <content_type>' '<org>/<app>/<collection>/<entity>


Parameter Description
content_type The content type of the attached asset. For example, text/plain, image/jpeg.
org Organization UUID or organization name
app Application UUID or application name
collection Name or UUID of the collection of the entity the asset is attached to.
entity Name or UUID of the entity the asset is attached to.

Example request

The following request will retrieve the data for a jpeg file attached to an entity named ‘cloud’ in the ‘pictures’ collection:

curl -X GET -H 'Accept: image/jpeg' '

Retrieving an asset entity

To retrieve the entity that an asset is attached to, perform a GET request as you normally would to retrieve an entity. For more information, see Retrieving Data Entities.