Getting Started

The Usergrid documentation is written for a couple of distinctly different audiences.

For Application Developers

Most of the Usergrid docs are written for you. Browse the left side-bar and work your way down the topics list to learn how to get started using Usergrid for data storage, user management, authentication, push notifications and more.

For Deployment and Operations folks

If you are the person who will be installing Usergrid, setting up the required Cassandra database, ElasticSearch and other things that Usergrid needs, then you should probably start here:

For Open Source contributoes

If you want to build Usergrid from source-code then start at our GitHub repo. You will find README files there that explain how to build the Stack, the Portal, SDKs and other components.

If you want to contribute new code or documentation to the Usergrid project then this is a good place to start: